Fall Family Session

This was such a fun family session! This beautiful family was all smiles and personality. When the kids are into it, a lot can be done in a short session.  Longer sessions are great for letting shy kids warm up and the probable meltdown if a toddler is involved.

Really, this little boy was the cutest thing, though – he said “cheese” for every shot!


What is a “Day in the Life” Session?

When someone says they had their family photos taken, what comes to mind? Probably that the family is wearing coordinating clothing and either had posed photos taken in a studio with a solid background, or they ventured out into a beautiful park or beach for their posed photos.

family portrait

I do like these kinds of sessions…I don’t do in studio sessions, but a park session can be a lot of fun while the light and environment add a beautiful depth to the photos.  They tend to be the preferred photos for Holiday cards, and I love doing them for my clients and for my own family!

There is a different style of photography that I personally find myself drawn to – Family Documentary and Photojournalism.

“A Day in the Life” is just that.  I spend the day with your family and document your activities, interactions, emotions, and all the things that you and your children do that you never really get to see.  It may seem intimidating to have someone there all day with a camera, but the way I do a shoot, I have my camera  (no huge lens or flash…no posing or prompting) and while I am continuously shooting, I am interacting with your family. I’m not pretending to be a fly on the wall, but after a little bit the camera just doesn’t feel so intrusive.

I did a session with this one family and noticed that almost every time Mom passed by her son she ruffled his hair.  Did she even realize she does that? Are you aware of the little affectionate gestures you make every day? What about the fort your kids made in the living room while you were making dinner…would you like to have pictures of their laughter (even if you were frustrated by the mess afterward?) As a mom, I wish I had photos of storytime with my girls at bedtime when they were little…and even more so, I’d love to have photos like that from my childhood.


story time








What are your thoughts on this style of shoot? Can you imagine what it would be like to have a “Day in the Life” shoot once a year, or every other year – and see how your family has evolved?

And if a full day is too much to commit to right off the bat? This concept, this style is easily applied to a shorter session, a half day or something more activity specific…Beach sessions, picnic at the playground, any activity that you enjoy as a family…



Alexander’s Bar Mitzvah

I had the honor of photographing this young man on the day of his Bar Mitzvah, both at the Temple in the morning and at the fabulous party with his friends in the evening.

Medfield State Hospital

I’ve been going through my photos from the past year, and there were several personal projects that I had a lot of fun with.  This particular one was a little outside my portrait comfort zone, but I found the grounds of the abandoned Medfield State hospital fascinating. It’s forbidden and unsafe to go inside the buildings, but part of me would love to see…

Adding Text to Images

January is a very slow time for portrait sessions for me and I like to take the opportunity to have some fun with my personal photography.

child reading quote

I remember reading under the covers with a flashlight as a kid and wanted to recreate that experience in this photo.  While I liked the original composition with all the black space, I thought it would be fun to add some text.


I certainly will be doing more of this!


New Year, New Me


I figured I’d use my first blog post to talk about self portraits, and share what I do.

I have made a commitment to take a self portrait on New Year’s Day every year.  While I wear makeup daily and typically use Photoshop (lightly),  I take this self portrait with no makeup, no hair products, and most of all – no Photoshop or filters.


There is something refreshing and empowering about taking a photograph of yourself, one that takes fashion/trends/vanity/insecurity out of the picture and celebrates what you look like underneath it all.

I highly recommend taking self portraits, especially ones that are not created for the purpose of sharing with the world and projecting an image.  It may take a bunch of shots to get one you like (this certainly wasn’t the only photo I took of myself today) but the more you try, the easier and more comfortable it will become.

Do you take self portraits? I would love to hear your thoughts on why you do them and what your approach is.

Happy New Year – Here’s to a wonderful 2016!